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Long-Term Disability/ERISA – 

Group Long-Term Disability (LTD) benefits are typically provided by your employer. Group LTD benefits are often governed by ERISA which is the acronym for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. The purpose of long-term disability insurance is to provide income protection to employees in the event they are unable to work due to accident, illness or injury. Long-term disability benefits typically start once short-term disability benefits have been exhausted.

As the insured, you have the burden of providing proof of disability and proof that your impairment, illness or injury meets all the requirements outlined in the policy. When you hire Invictus Legal Services, we help you carry that burden and win your case.

At Invictus Legal Services, we are proud to provide individuals with the personalized representation they deserve to help file and navigate their long-term disability claim. We understand that if you are filing for these benefits, you have suffered a substantial injury or illness. Your injury, no doubt, has impacted you physically, mentally and financially. We make it our goal to relieve the stress associated with pursuing long-term benefits so you can focus on your recovery and health.

How We Can Help with Your Long-Term Disability Claim

Insurance companies don’t always make it easy to navigate the initial claims process. Every claim the insurance company denies, turns out to be profit for the company. Working with a lawyer can help prevent your claim from being denied by ensuring it’s submitted with the proper documentation and that your claim meets the obligations of your specific policy.

Our long-term disability law firm can help you:

  • Obtain your Disability Policy – Many, if not most, applicants for disability benefits are so overwhelmed that they fail to even obtain their policies from their employers or the insurance company. The policy become a contract that the insured has yet to read.
  • Apply for long-term disability insurance – We can assist you in completing your claim form packet. Using the correct terminology at the initial application stage, can lead to a favorable determination down the road. We will not be intimidated or overwhelmed by the insurance company’s attempt to overburden you with paperwork.
  • Gather proper documentation, proving your injury or illness – Proper documentation from medical professionals is crucial to ensuring your claim is accepted. Our team can advise what’s needed and ensure your proof of disability meets your policy definitions and requirements.
  • Maintain your long-term disability insurance benefits – Long-term disability policies contain provisions that require you to continue to prove your disability. Winning your initial case is just part of the battle.
  • Our team can organize proof of loss as needed throughout your disability claim and make sure it is submitted in a timely fashion. Missing deadlines can ruin a claim for benefits.
  • Understand your unique long-term disability policy limitations – Insurance company policies can be complicated documents. Whether you win or lose your case may depend on the definition of terms that we think we know. The actual policy definitions may be totally different from the term’s common definition. We can interpret policy provisions like “total disability,” “own occupation,” “any occupation,” and “residual disability,”
  • Appeal your disability claim denial – Our legal team can and will file suit in federal court if necessary to protect your legal rights.

We Bring Our Services to You

An injury such as a back impairment or illness such as multiple sclerosis can make traveling difficult, which is why Invictus Legal Services offers in-home and offsite meetings to our clients. Since 1995, we have offered remote visits, hospital/nursing home visits or home visits. Working with your disability attorney shouldn’t be stressful. Our ability to meet with you remotely or at a place most convenient to you means travel is one less thing you have to worry about. We’re happy to work with you remotely, come to your home or meet you at another mutually convenient location, like your favorite coffee shop.

Speak With Our State of Washington Long-Term Disability ERISA Attorney

If you have been injured or hurt in an accident, or you have suffered an illness that has rendered you unable to perform your job duties and are considering filing for the long-term disability benefits you deserve, contact our firm. We are also able to provide assistance if you have already been denied long-term disability benefits.

Our firm is conveniently located in Seattle, Washington, and we represent clients from Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, and throughout the State of Washington. Contact us online or call us at 1-800-567-1556 to discuss the merits of your disability case and schedule your appointment.